Our Mission


By purchasing a reusable product you are making the first steps in reducing the demand for single use items and pledging your own commitment to ridding the world of this harmful waste. 

With now an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the worlds oceans and an ever growing issue to marine life, a planetary lifestyle shift is required in order to look after our planet for future generations. Prevention is better than a cure.

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Sustainable life products are made from green, natural crops and are hand printed using water-based, GOTS certified inks that are environmentally friendly.  Manufacturers of products carrying this mark operate with mindfulness and awareness of both the environmental and ethical impact their business have on the world and its natural resources.

As Zero Waste to Landfill manufacturers, they prioritise the reduction of waste, followed by re-use, recycling and where there is no alternative, energy recovery. Furthermore to lessen their environmental impact and as part of an ethical manufacturing process, repurposes any misprints and send them to local charities, schools and food banks for a second life.


Cotton bags and other items made under the Sustainable Life mark are only made in Fairtrade and Sedex certified factories. Every purchase matters; when you buy Sustainable Life you positively impact the lives of people who make the products, you improve communities, and also protect the environment.

The mark ensures that the rights and working conditions of the people that make our products are respected and protected, that their working hours are not excessive and they are paid a fair wage.

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"The Sustainable Life mark encapsulates an ethical commitment with regards to people and planet."