Our Trusted Partners

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The manufacturers and suppliers of Sustainable Life products have gone through rigorous auditing to ensure the standards of the Sustainable Life label continue to be upheld.

They manufacture printed cotton bags and products for anyone from large global brands to charities to local farm shops. The label on each product guarantees each item has been made ethically and sustainably.

Each supplier must be registered with Fairtrade and Sedex as well as passing the Sustainable Life Standards. They must meet a minimum criteria of social, economic and environmental requirements. 

We visit our partners regularly and keep up a consistent level of communication with them to ensure a good trustful relationship. Giving confidence to Sustainable Life clients that their cotton products have genuine ethical provenance.

"Manufacturers you can trust with a transparent supply chain from crop to completion."

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For a cotton product to carry the sustainable life mark, the manufacturer must:

Be both Fairtrade certified and a SEDEX audited factory with up to date certification

Vehemently condemn illegal child labour, forced labour and discrimination. Strictly not engage with any supplier, factory or business that engages in such discriminatory practices.*

Demonstrate good Health and Safety Management and provide safe and healthy working conditions.

Ensure, where possible, that all materials used are environmentally friendly and that the Company operates the with eco-friendly values in mind.

Have and adhere to a ‘Code of Conduct’ that they and their suppliers adhere to of which should include the following:

  1. Employment is freely chosen

  2. Freedom of Association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

  3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic

  4. Child labour shall not be used

  5. Living wages are paid

  6. Working hours are not excessive

  7. No discrimination is practiced

  8. Regular employment is provided

  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Show due concern for the environment and seeks to minimise the environmental impact of its operations whilst complying with all relevant and prevailing legislation. They ensure that all products are safe to manufacture and use.

Operate at all times in accordance with the Law and with honesty, fairness and integrity in relations with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees, workers and the community. It does not offer, pay nor accept bribes of any kind and does not make any political donations or participate with political parties.

Have an Environmental Policy in use and can demonstrate that they follow, monitor and aim to reduce waste throughout their production process.

*should such situations be identified; Sustainable Life are committed to informing the relevant third parties to prevent such activity continuing.