Redivivus Fabric

Closing The Loop On
Plastic Waste

Made from recycled cotton and rPET mix

A fabric that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance

The ‘Sustainable Life range’ includes two different bag styles, and each durable bag is made of 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic which contributes to the reduction of plastic waste. They are made from 100% rPET Redivivus fabric. Redivivus creates rPET fabric from recycled plastic bottles that are found in the ocean. Recycling plastic waste is a sustainable, conscious method to help the environment stay cleaner. This new RPET tote bag range is great for companies who are looking for circular solutions, as these bags will communicate your eco-friendly, responsible attitude.   




This stylish lightweight RPET tote bag is made from recycled plastic which has been diverted from ending up in the ocean or landfill. A timeless classic integrated with ethical production. Promotional rPET Tote Bags are the perfect circular way. to advertise your business. The Sustainable Life Range is fully customisable with your logo or design and is available from selected wholesalers.  

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RPET Flat Tote Bag

RPET Luxury Shopper Bag

Join Sustainable Life's mission to combat the plastic pollution problem, by reusing plastic bottles to ensure cleaner and plastic-free oceans today.

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