7.5 Ways To Style a Dress

At first glance, this may not be the usual Sustainable Life content, but look again and you will notice that by being able to style a dress in 7 ways for 7 different occasions, then that is less clothing you will need to buy.

By having a more versatile wardrobe, made up of fewer items, you will get into the habit of purchasing less clothing- and thus, getting out of the fast fashion cycle.

The base of each outfit is a classic Little Black Dress. The dress can be long or short, the most important thing is to look for a plain black slip dress that you would feel comfortable in. This is the most essential aspect as it is going to be used in all of these outfits and nothing can be worse than an uncomfortable, ill-fitting base garment.

  1. Work

    Depending on where you work you could dress formally or have more of a business-casual dress code. To style the black slip for work you wear a slim shirt or blouse underneath for a chic pinafore look or alternatively wear a blazer over the top for a more business feel. Pair with some court shoes or flats for a day at work.
  2. Weekend Day

    It’s the weekend and you are popping out for a coffee with friends or just going for a stroll. Wear your black slip dress with a white t-shirt underneath and some flat trainers. It will keep your black slip on trend whilst giving it a more casual look. Add a denim jacket if the weather feels a little cool.

  3. Chilly Day

    On chilly days, wear your slip with a jumper over the top so the slip becomes a skirt. Pair with some boots and tights for an autumnal look that will keep you warm!
  4. Sunny Day

    On a sunny day a slip dress just looks amazing on its own! With some sandals and sunglasses, the slip dress is perfect, and it’s not fitted which is ideal for keeping you cooler in the sun. If you like to cover up a little, wearing a loose-fitting shawl or light jacket is a great way to cover up.

  5. Evening Meal

    For an evening meal, it’s a great look to pair your black slip dress with some low heels or boots and some jewellery, for a more modest look add a turtle neck top under the dress for a still chic but more cover up look. And with the loose-fitting nature of the dress it will not feel tight even after your meal! 
  1. Date Night/drinks

    If you were going out for a drink in a bar with your friends or on date night the slip dress is fab because it is very easy to dress up whilst still looking effortless. Add a pair of heels, some jewellery, and a belt to pull the look together and you are ready to go. If it is the evening, throw on a long coat to keep you warm walking home.

  2. Event

    Depending on the event you can do a few things with our trusty slip dress, as with date night you can go full glam, adding some heels, and gorgeous jewellery for a ‘dressed up but not tried to hard’ look. Or, you can go rogue, the satiny top of the slip dress looks great as a top, because it’s a thin material it will easily tuck into a pair of loose statement trousers, add a pair of heels and some earrings and you have a stand out outfit for an event.